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My First Geek Chic Cosmetics Order!! Part 1

Hey guys! So, a little while ago I made two orders with Geek Chic Cosmetics I'd been desperate to order from them for the longest time, but only recently decided to give in.  In case I haven't told you, which I'm sure I have, I'm a nerd, a big one.  My favourite TV shows are Supernatural, Firefly and Doctor Who/Torchwood, all of which have had eyeshadow sets created in their honour by Geek Chic and they are Superneutrals, Big Damn Heroes and Timey Wimey respectively.  Honestly, I want to own all the aforementioned sets and 99% of the Geeek Chic makeup collection.  But, instead of starting big, I thought I'd give myself a bit of a taster before jumping in head first and ordering The Collective and slowly drowning in a giant pool of beautiful creatively named masterpieces of makeup.
So the tl;dr of it is I made two orders, one of which has arrived and this is what I got.  I ordered 3 eyeshadows and one solid scent (I was super intrigued by these so I decided to give them a go).
The eyeshadows come in 5g sifter jars and contain 1-2g of product and cost $5.99 each.  The solid scents come in a twist tube and cost $3.49.  All their products are Gluten Free, Cruelty Free and Vegan (except for the Joysticks and Bio Balms which contain beeswax).  All the products are Irritant Avoidant, they don't use parabens, non-organic preservatives, talc or bismuth oxychloride and their products are Filler Free.  Awesome right?
The eyeshadows I ordered were Twilight Princess, Moonfaced Assassin Of Joy and Non-Euclidean and the solid scent I ordered was Wuv, Twue Wuv.

My order arrived all packaged nice and securely inside a bubble wrap envelope.  The eyeshadows themselves are shrink wrapped to stop any accidental unscrewing or spillage.  The shrink wrap is incredibly neat too, I love it when items are packaged so well.

The first eyeshadow I'm going to talk about is Twilight Princess from the Dangerous To Go Alone set based on the very awesome Legend Of Zelda.

Isn't the packaging absolutely awesome?!

And here's the details and ingredients list.

The eyeshadows arrive with a sticker over the sifter to keep from accidental spillage.

Here's a little look at the product itself, so pretty!

And here's the swatches! I swatched all the eyeshadows on bare skin, on Too Faced Shadow Insurance and on Frontcover Shadowbase.  As you can see it definitely looks best over a shadow base, both Too Faced and Frontcover work really well with it.  This is a gorgeous mossy green shadow with lovely green/ blue shimmer!

Next we have Moonfaced Assassin Of Joy from the Last Best Hope set based on Babylon 5.

Again, very awesome packaging!

The details and ingredients.

Sticker over the sifter to stop spillage.

A quickie look at the product! I honestly didn't think I was going to love this one as much as I do, but it's quickly becoming my favourite eyeshadow ever!

And the swatches!  Again this shadow definitely works best over a base, and it works equally well over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Frontcover Shadowbase.  This is such a gorgeous colour, it's a beautiful lilac with a opalescent pink duo chrome and copper glitter, I seriously love this colour!

And finally we have Non-Euclidean from the Strange Aeons set based on H.P Lovecraft.

Again, super awesome packaging! Look at that cutie Cthulhu!

Details and ingredients.

Sticker over the sifter to stop spillage.

A quickie look at the glittery awesomeness that is this shadow!

Now this one definitely needs a base, otherwise the glitter won't stick and the shadow is super sheer.  This colour really shines (quite literally) with a base.  This is a semi sheer black/ charcoal shadow with insane rainbow sparkle, and this isn't your standard run-of-the-mill rainbow sparkle, this stuff is special, it's not quite rainbow bright, the colours of the glitters are more subdued, leaning towards natural metal colours, this is super awesome!
Btw, this makes a kickass eyeliner!

This pic is just to show you the crazy glitter in this shadow!

And now I'll show you the solid scent, the one I got was Wuv, Twue Wuv, which is from the Storybook Love set based on The Princess Bride.

A 360 of the packaging and the ingredients list.  In my haste and blogging newbery (it's a word, honest) I forgot to take photos of it before I opened it, as there was a lovely sticker strip covered in hearts keeping the lid from accidently coming off.  The packaging is seriously cute!

And here's a look at the product itself.  This, smells, so, good!  I'm in love with sweet and girly scents so this is really perfect for me.  According to Geek Chic the scent contains freesias, frangipanis, and plumeria, raspberry, melon, cherries, apples and pears.  This is really sweet, and the fruits and florals work really well together.  And you only need to put on the tiniest amount for a strong scent, great sillage and great lasting power! It's amazing!

Here's a look I created with these shadows:

Told you it made a kickass eyeliner didn't I?!

To create this look I used both Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Frontcover Shadowbase on my lids as a primer and base respectively.  I then applied Moonfaced Assassin Of Joy all over my eyelid and in the inner corner.  I used Twilight Princess on the lower lash line and then winged it out slightly.  For the liner I used Non-Euclidean with my Frontcover Shadowline and created a winged line.  For mascara I used Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black.
The sparkles in Non-Euclidean are insane!

I think I have to say my favourite of the three eyeshadows is Moonfaced Assassin Of Joy, purely because it's beautiful and I've worn it a ridiculous number of times since getting it.  But I do love Non-Euclidean and Twilight Princess too and I can't wait to use them all in more looks in the future.
I've worn Wuv, Twue Wuv frequently since it arrived and I really am in love with it, it's definitely becoming a staple scent for me.

Part 2 will be up when my second order arrives, see you then!

Thanks for reading! x

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